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The Historically Authentic Witchcraft Tradition.

Authentic Witchcraft

















For the purpose of introducing new and potential students to the authentic, historical Witchcraft tradition. $24.95

Liturgy Missal

The rites and rituals of the tradition. $19.95


Student Journal









Student Journal of Practice. This journal provides 366 specially formatted pages and instructions on what to record of your daily practice. 366 being the minimum number of days until a students may receive initiation.  $19.95


The Secret Commonwealth









This is the first comprehensive modern translation of the classic 1691 text; The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Fairies by The Reverend Robert Kirk.  
For more than three centuries, The Secret Commonwealth has endured as the definitive textbook on fairies and their interaction with human beings. It was written by a protestant minister, Robert Kirk, who was surprisingly neutral in his treatment of the subject. In 1893 the acclaimed writer Andrew Lang reprinted The Secret Commonwealth adding his own introduction which far surpassed the length of Kirk’s original. The present edition includes both.  

This edition modernized Kirk’s archaic language without detracting from its original charm. It includes extensive notes illuminate both texts with respect to advancements in our understanding of history over the past century.  
Cover art has been provided by Selina Fenich. $19.99

Faery Mysticism

Until now, faery spirituality has not had a specific body of literature by which it may be defined. In this unique book, Ari Devi not only defines the Faery tradition, once and for all, but also provides the means to participate in it. 
Faery mysticism is an ancient spiritual discipline that involves collaboration with faery-beings as guides to self-realization and higher awareness. This process takes the form of a romantic courtship between the mystic and his or her faery consort or lover. 
In this book, Ari explains:


  • The ancient eastern origins of faery mysticism and how those beliefs influenced the Celtic mystery tradition.
  • The nature of the faery-world and how it relates to us. How to cultivate your spirit-body and wings of light.  
  • How to court a faery lover and receive initiation into the faery mysteries. 

Included are annotated versions of the classic romances including Oisin and Niam, Tamlin, Thomas the Rhymer and Cupid and Psyche. $19.95


Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft

No serious student of witchcraft, fairy lore or the occult can be entirely informed as to the true history of the occult revival without having read this work. There can be no doubt that this weighty collection of letters greatly influenced the likes of Margaret Murray, Aleister Crowley, Gerald Gardner, Robert Graves and, through them, the emergence of what would become the Neo-Pagan and Occult movements of the twentieth-century. This original collection of letters by Sir Walter Scott was later published, in adapted form, as "Witchcraft and Demonology". Here, I present the original letters with notes in their original format in a modern, easy to read, font.


The Witch Cult in Western Europe

Flawed as it is, The Witch Cult in Western Europe provided the impetus for the Wiccan and Neo-Pagan movements, even though Murray's theories have since been discredited. However, if we dismiss her conclusions and focus exclusively on the evidence she collected, we gain rare insight into the actual beliefs and practices of authentic historical Witchcraft, which often conflict with those of Wicca and Neo-Paganism. 
This textbook edition has been formatted for use with the Heritage Witchcraft Academy coursework. Students are encouraged to draw their own conclusions by extrapolating the actual evidence from Murray's own theories. $17.95


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