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The Historically Authentic Witchcraft Tradition.


Heritage WItchcraft Academy now requires all students to be paid members. This is to ensure that only responsible adults have access to our community. In addition, these modest fees help to offset the costs of running this program. Consider how much you spend on occult books in a year! With that in mind, you will probably agree that we offer a great value. Because this course provides access to downloadable copy-written material, we can  not refund enrollment fees. 

Once you complete payment below, you will be forwarded to an enrollment form.

NOTE: Purchase will appear on your card or paypal statement as Collegiate Payment Processing. Please write that down now.

Fee without books . $75.00


Fee with PDF copies of the books Authentic Witchcraft & The Liturgy Missal.

$100.00 (save $10.00 and avoid shipping)


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  • "I've been a member of this academy since, January 2013. I come from a christian background & even studied wicca for roughly a year. Attending this academy has cured me of the cl..."
    Life changed student!
  • "I also came across the Academy with an online search for the true real witchcraft because I was tired of being on a spinning wheel with Wiccan books and working practices I felt..."
    Smarter today then i was yesterday!!!

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