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Reply Cassandra
10:07 AM on March 2, 2014 
Nice Cow.
Reply Grayson Magnus
2:41 PM on January 21, 2014 
Nice Goat.
Reply Aine Czeluz
4:18 AM on January 9, 2014 
Thank you Jeff, I will keep that in mind. It will not be easy to break old habits either but I know in time it will happen.
Reply Aine Czeluz
1:27 PM on January 3, 2014 
Yes, Jeff, I realize that. That's why it is good to learn, compare feel what's right then make a decision. For now, my heart seem to be going to this road. Although I must say, I believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ. They are for peace. The same way that I do believe in the teachings of Mahatma Ghandi and Dr. Jose Rizal. They are for peace. If witchcraft is not a religion, then why do we have to renounce any religion we are in? Just a thought. I am a catholic, yes, in fact i went to catholic schools. I used to go to church every Sunday and holy days and memorize the holy rosary. In the last 10 years, however, I have been on and off and somehow, stopped attending church on Sundays. I only go now when my husband insists. I just simply pray the our father at night before I go to bed out of habit. I started to read into things. My children, are the ones that brought me into consciousness of not wanting to be in any religion. They think freely and are more attuned with nature. A discussion and argument we had in the past. For now, this is a secret from my family, until the day comes that conviction becomes very strong. Thanks for the comment.
Reply Darryl
6:29 PM on December 19, 2013 
Love the profile pic!!!
Reply Angus
3:09 AM on October 28, 2013 
Your insight is so valuable! Thank you :)
Reply Michelle
3:42 PM on September 12, 2013 
Thanks for the welcome, Jeff! Looks like a great community here and I look forward to participating.
Reply Raven Phoneix
2:56 PM on September 3, 2013 
Thats not was I was doing at all. Thank you I wish to learn new things glad I found the school.
Reply Silver Moon
10:53 PM on August 24, 2013 
Even the kitty has a FS. Her ideal opposite. I love it!
Reply Mischievous Elf
11:19 PM on August 13, 2013 
Now this is one of my all time favorite pictures. It's being on the wall of the Castevets in Rosemary's Baby
Reply MoonStorm
8:12 PM on August 6, 2013 
Thank you, Jeff! I have to admit I think it was coming anyway! I hope I will receive an abundance of support here!
Reply Grayson Magnus
7:42 PM on August 3, 2013 
Nice use of the school pin!
Reply SoulSeeker
2:30 AM on July 29, 2013 
Hey Jeff cool new profile pic, hope you don't mind but I just did a copy and paste, my phone needed a new background, had been looking for one, think I have just found it, with your permission of course.
Reply Silver Moon
12:52 PM on July 20, 2013 
Your post in Chapter 2. The Devil in Witchcraft was very thought provoking. Thank you :)
Reply Grayson Magnus
1:26 AM on July 11, 2013 
got the tatoo done huh?
Reply Joe
8:36 PM on May 24, 2013 
Hi Jeff. Thank you!
Reply Cassandra
7:25 AM on May 10, 2013 
Nice profile pic Jeff!
Reply Ar Dhu
10:19 AM on April 17, 2013 
Hello Jeff and thank you
Reply Cassandra
9:05 AM on March 30, 2013 
Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate it.
Reply crystalfire
12:06 AM on March 3, 2013