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42 years old
Small City USA
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Hi there everyone,

As the day I write this profile, I have called myself a witch for the last 25 years. I would LOVE to call myself a tall, dark, and handsome young man in his mid 20's, but that is not my earthy body - it may be my spirit body, but not my earth one!

I had grown up with no religion until I was around 10 y/o - at which point I was made to go into a christian church. My jaw dropped when I read the first thing about Jesus in sunday schooI. It was a picture of him floating above sheep in a little book we were reading. The book called him the shepherd of men.  It made me angry, I didn't believe it, and I looked around at the other children who were totally believing it, oblivious to the mind control. This book, this religion to me was fiction, and I was worried that I was in some weird religious cult. I had immediately rejected Christianity upon first full exposure. I had to act like I was christian for the next many years, but I wasn't a christian, and resented the power it had over people.

So before my 15th birthday I ran across a spirit in my back woods, who showed me a vision of some gathering of people in the dark, and that there was a strange energy from it. Some of the people in the vison motioned at me to come closer - I realized they were some of my ancestors and I was seeing their ritual through time. This vison was short lived, but will be forever in my heart. My mind told me the people in the vision were witches, and so the term "witchcraft" grew in my heart and pulled me into finding out what it was, and how to do it. I picked up a few books from the local library and rejected them after reading - it all sounded way too made up, having gods that had to be worshipped.

So I took about trying to learn everything I could about witchcraft - after all, wichcraft had me by the heart and it pulled fevershly at me.

I knew in my heart all these moron books on our shelves did not contain the truths. Wicca was for weak minded indiduals who thought it made them powerful, satanism was for the rebellers against any decency, Daemonology was written by men in power who look down upon the commoner.  I always kept the vison I saw as my diving rod. I rejected the books more and more as I wished for the truth to be revealed. I knew the truth was out there --- otherwise I wouldn't have seen the vison that I had. I know that the power of my ancestors guided me to understand that wool had been pulled over our eyes. Something about witchcraft HAD to be true, or I couldn't be whole. Nothing else besides Witchcraft mattered.

I read book after book, rejecting them as quickly as before. I began to think about how my ancestors would have lived, what knowlege they were likely exposed to, what they would have known based upon what year and place they lived and died. And so through the years I broke down these historical books, and found great comfort in the knowledge gained through the witch trials. The confessions of those tried for witchcraft were not being followed by anyone - why not?, why have all these gods and no one practices what is actually documented?.

I eventuall grew up and joined the Air Force, stationed in England where I traveled futher than the Base Commander allowed during the weekends. I got confirmation for my beliefs when I ran into relatives of mine I never knew existed - they were in a coven (of sorts), which helped me know that I had not wasted my time trying to find the truth.

So time went on and I got older and left the Military and 3 Unveristy degrees later and a professional job, I ran across some people who claimed to be witches... so I told them my story and they asked me to teach them. Because of what I experienced growing up, and because of my fascination with finding out about my ancestors, and the critical thinking I had done for most of my life. Too bad these people were weird Neo-Pagans who were all into the goddess and god, and ALIENS. They were hopelessly devoted to fiction. I tried to be patient with them, but they just grew offended by my mere presence after a few years.

If I have to start fresh as a student, then so be it.... because I just know Authentic Witchcraft is what I long for.

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