Heritage Witchcraft Academy

The Historically Authentic Witchcraft Tradition.


Quotes The day before I found this school, I was so depressed. I had just cancelled my membership to a Wiccan site that I was extremely disappointed in. It is typically so hard to be a distance student because you do not get the attention that you need most of the time. A lot of sites say that they offer mentoring, but it is not true, and questions go unanswered. I could tell that this school was different right away. When I saw that the School Director, Grayson Magnus, participated so much in the forum, I knew that I would get the attention I deserved. It has been almost five months since I first became a member at this school. I could list fifty separate ways that I have been irrevocably changed, but I will just say that I have found my true nature, and I am beyond thankful for that. Quotes

Quotes I've been a member of this academy since, January 2013. I come from a christian background & even studied wicca for roughly a year. Attending this academy has cured me of the close minded, religious influences/ignorance of my past. Which has allowed me to make logical decisions in my own life. This academy taught me to experience rather than just believe in what I'm told, like a sheep. I can never thank Grayson & a number of the students enough for their guidence & patience. This is no doubt, a life changing place Quotes
Life changed student!

Quotes I also came across the Academy with an online search for the true real witchcraft because I was tired of being on a spinning wheel with Wiccan books and working practices I felt like I was going in circles and not getting anywhere I am so glad that I came across this academy and I wish to grow with the academy as it grows Mr Grayson is a very no nonsense type of mentor but that's because he does not play any games and if you are up for playing games you're in the wrong place the community is also very nice and willing to help with anything and I know I was driving them crazy and probably still am but they are very patient and giving of the time and energy and I'm sure you will find it a great experience I learn everyday I learn something new and also the information on for the learning that Mr Grayson takes the times to research and give to us so that we can follow a higher knowledge..... Quotes
Smarter today then i was yesterday!!!

Quotes i have been a member of this academy since Nov. 2012... i had searched for many years for this school and its instructor... Grayson is amazing and has helped me in more ways than i can ever repay... Grayson is not only a teacher in this academy but also in our everyday lives... The academy is very structured if you pay attention to instructions and the lessons to be learned here are too many to count... i know i have a home here thank you Grayson... Quotes
Grateful Student

Quotes If you're looking to learn the true art of Witchcraft, with a sincere (yet demanding) mentor and teacher, look no further than Grayson Magnus of Heritage Witchcraft Academy. No fluff bunnies here; you'll be studying academic texts, sharing ideas with other students and really digging into the art, philosophy and history of casting and conjuring with Grayson Magnus's guidance and oversight. If you dare to take this journey, make sure Gray is helping you each step of the way. Quotes
True teacher

Quotes Some of us are born with this need to know. With this insatiable need to understand more, because we know what we see can't be the whole truth. So we search, we search long and hard going from place to place absorbing knowledge and regurgitate it because we know it is not the complete truth. we look for so long that we almost give up. Then someway, somehow we are lead here to a place of truth. I am so thankful I was lead here. I know there is an old adage that says "when the student is ready the teacher will appear" I hope its true and that I am ready for all the knowledge that I am receiving from the academy. Thank you Gray -- Cogito Ergo Sum Quotes
When the student is ready...

Quotes Grayson is very knowledgeable and is clearly very passionate about sharing his wisdom with aspiring sorcerers. He truly puts his heart into the materials and resources and it shows. He has also done an outstanding job of setting expectations and meeting them, in my opinion. I think the live classes are the best because it really makes it feel like a community. My life already just feels better, and I'm excited to see where I'll be by initiation. Quotes
The best is yet to come.

Quotes I have been searching for a long time to seek the truth of witchcraft. When i came across this school during my search in apps, I read the introduction and immediately felt this was exactly what i was looking for. I browsed for about an hour and the next day i paid the fee and began. In the 4 months i have been here i have been introduced to a new way of thinking, and learning the true essence of the craft, and Great student repoire. Grayson is an excellent teacher, and a Wonderful Mentor. Intellgent, Patient and very resourceful, True to his teachings. I encourage you to take a look for yourself and see you will not find the truth anywhere else of Authentic Witchcraft. You will not find another Academy anywhere like this. Grayson thank you for all you have done and continue to do. I am forever greatful for finding this Academy and you! Maria V Johnson -- Sine Metu Quotes
The Best !